Dog Bed Sleeper Couch with Durable Grooming Glove - Premium Lounge Sofas for Cats and Dogs - Waterproof Cushion Sleeping Chair, Small Animal Pet Supplies

Price: £44.99
  • ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT: Our luxurious large dog beds are designed with your pets’ health and well-being in mind. Providing therapeutic and supportive relief from everyday aches and pains for your four-legged friends. This cozy bed practically wraps itself around Fido like a warm blanket as he curls up and drifts away to refreshing and rejuvenating slumber.
  • BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Not only resistant to mildew and dust mites, this pet bed is also hypoallergenic, offering a safe haven for your puppies with allergies. They’ll rest easier and perhaps fall asleep faster in the plush, airy, comfort of this dog lounge sofa. Or maybe they’ll just join you as you binge-watch your favorite show.
  • HARMONIOUS STYLE: Designed with high walls, filled with plushness, this orthopedic dog bed is a symphony in harmony. A lullaby without words dances around your pets’ head as he leans back into this cradle of comfort and dozes off for the afternoon.
  • CAT LOVERS UNITE: Not to discriminate, this can also be used as a cat bed for indoor cats. Because God knows, we know how much they love to sleep. Roomy enough for a litter of kittens to hang with mom, comfy togetherness for the whole family.
  • DROOL-PROOF: Well, not really. But the liner is removable, and can easily be washed by hand or tossed into the washing machine. Gentle cycle, please.
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    This pillow-soft dog bed with soft foam is the perfect sanctuary for almost any breed to escape into a blissful nights' sleep or just an afternoon nap.

    With the perfect blend of cushion and support, a collie, setter, or lab will melt into the welcoming comfort of this dog sleeper. They will wake refreshed and energized.

    Super soft slumber equals comfortable rejuvenation.


    (1) Dog Bed

    (2) Grooming Glove


    Dimensions: 31 ½" (L) x 19 ¾" (D) x 9 ½" (H)

    Materials: Waterproof Polyester, Cotton Filling

    Colors: Cedar, Orange, Amber, Mahogany


    These orthopedic dog beds, come with a functional glove brush. Whether it's a short-hair or long-hair breed, these will easily eliminate any tangles or remaining stress.

    Putting your pet in a relaxed mood, so they are asleep before hitting the hay.

    Are you ready for relaxing, refreshing, and reinvigorating sleep for your cats and dogs? Then this is the perfect gift for your furry little friends.

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